“We’ve Hosted a Party by Mistake” – Plus guest Francis Fukuyama

Fifth birthday edition! Let the PM who has not accidentally arrived at a party during a pandemic lockdown cast the first stone... The panel unpacks Johnson’s latest partygate excuses now the hottest report of the year has dropped. Plus, special guest Francis Fukuyama gives his take and joins to discuss his latest book Liberalism and Its Discontents. And a special OGWN Backstage Confidential in the Extra Bit… 

“People weren’t just having a quick drink, this was people getting drunk to the level they were vomiting.” – Naomi Smith

“We live in an age where there is so little accountability. Entire Governments would’ve fallen over this, let alone just the people at the top.” – Naomi Smith 

“The key words in the report were ‘we seem to have got away with it’… and they will.” – Ros Taylor 

“It’s no secret that Johnson’s tactic is to draw out every scandal until the public gets tired of it.” – Naomi Smith 

“To play this term out with Johnson in charge, purely because nobody else wants the job, it feels like the last days of Rome.” – Ros Taylor 

“Liberalism was invented due to the European wars of religion, and India is heading down that path.” – Francis Fukuyama 

“Ukraine has been one of the biggest disasters in authoritarian decision-making history.” – Francis Fukuyama


Presented by Dorian Lynskey with Naomi Smith and Ros Taylor. Group Editor: Andrew Harrison. Lead Producer: Jacob Jarvis. Producers: Alex Rees, Jacob Archbold and Jelena Sofronijevic. Assistant Producer: Elina Ganatra. Audio production by Robin Leeburn. OH GOD, WHAT NOW? is a Podmasters production.
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