Unlit Uplands

We’ve got bills, they’re multiplying and the Government has lost control. Will the cost of living crisis ever end? What might Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak (hey, you never know…) do about it? And after Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort was raided, we look at the scandal surrounding the former US president. Satbir Singh, managing director at openDemocracy, and technology journalist Charles Arthur join us as our special guests this week. 

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“Being dragged into reality is not part of Truss’s plan until September 5th at the earliest.” – Ros Taylor

“I thought we WANTED to be a high-wage economy? Apparently not yet!” – Alex Andreou

"Trump’s social media platform is doing encouragingly badly.” – Charles Arthur

“In the case of Sinema, the state of Arizona is holding the world to ransom on climate change.” – Satbir Singh


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