Back In The ECHR

Patel’s eviction flights to Rwanda fall apart at the last minute and spark the ire of the European Court of Human Rights. But is a blazing row with “European judges” exactly what this collapsing Government wants anyway? Plus the Good Friday Agreement goes under the Brexit bus, David Davis’s “Remainer’s Brexit”, and Carole Cadwalladr defeats Arron Banks in court. Jack Blanchard of Politico is our special guest. (This edition recorded before the resignation of Lord Geidt)
Also this week: A tribute to Dom Phillips, the British journalist who was murdered in the Amazon, from his friend and colleague Dorian.

“Yes it’s a horrible fiasco and a waste of our money… But from a purely political point of view, the Government are probably rather pleased at how this is going.” – Jack Blanchard

“If the Government had done the Rwanda story through legislation they’d have been on stronger ground… but they just didn’t want the scrutiny.” – Minnie Rahman

“Tories are seeing majorities like Tiverton disappearing and wondering if Johnson really is an election winner after all…” - Jack Blanchard

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