122: POWER, CORRUPTION AND LIES with Brian Klaas, author of How To Rig An Election

As the Tory leadership race is buried under an avalanche of dead cats, we’re joined by political analyst Brian Klaas – assistant professor of global politics at UCL, expert on authoritarianism, electoral malpractice and how democracies die, author of How To Rig An Election, and host of the Power Corrupts podcast. What can the truth-lite, nonsense-heavy Trump nightmare tell us about the future of British democracy in the Age of Johnson? 

Plus… Why DID Johnson claim he makes toy buses for fun? Ian tells you how to destroy the GATT 24 argument in less than 30 seconds. How Boris Johnson’s June 26 2016 column was the ur-text of Brexit lies. The truth about our upcoming BIGLY trade deal with Trump. The perils of ‘novelty bias’. Is Anne Widdecombe coming to get Ian in the night? And how Johnson’s inevitable humiliation could actually be Britain’s route back to self-respect. 

“We all think these guys on the right are super-smart and one step ahead. But if they were that smart, we wouldn’t still be in the EU…

Presented by Naomi Smith with Ros Taylor and Ian Dunt. Produced by Andrew Harrison. Audio production by Soho Radio, London. Remainiacs is a Podmasters production.

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