118: ANARCHY IN THE UK? EU elections aftermath special

After the EU parliamentary elections turned into a straight-up showdown between the Remain bloc and the Brexit Party, who’s in charge now – and what’s left of the Tories and Labour? How can Remainers challenge the Brexiters’ simplistic narrative that “it’s Nige wot won it”? What were the REAL trends across Europe? And what’s the message for a People’s Vote if and when it comes?

Plus! Ingrid Oliver returns after too, too long. We talk to Dorian about his new book The Ministry Of Truth: A Biography Of 1984 and find out why it’s the feelgood escapist beach read for 2019. And a smattering of your questions in an EU elections #AskRemainiacs special. 

“‘The bogeyman is coming to get you’ is always much more compelling as a dramatic narrative…”

Presented by Dorian Lynksey with Naomi Smith, Ingrid Oliver and Alex Andreou. Produced by Andrew Harrison. Audio production is by Elsie Bath at Soho Radio, London. Remainiacs is a Podmasters production.

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