117: VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL Our trade future with guest Dmitry Grozoubinski

We didn’t QUITE make Wednesday night as promised at the top of the show… but here’s this week’s podcast, just in time for that EU vote. In this episode: What’s in the WAB and has any May idea ever died quite so quickly? Final learnings from the EU Election campaign that everyone pretended never was. The pros and cons of milkshaking. Astroturfing for fun and profit. And should Labour have been on our EU Parliament hustings at all?

PLUS Britain’s glittering future in world trade! Negotiator and trade expert Dmitry Grozoubinski explains the reality of No Deal in terms you can take away and tell your Brexity Uncle Ken (maybe). The mythical Article 24 of GATT is back, somehow, so Dmitry patiently sets out why it’s a load of unicorn poo. And much, much more. 

“The fact that the Referendum happened is now used to justify the Referendum. Trade, the economy… none of these things matter any more.”

Presented by Ros Taylor with Nina Schick and Ian Dunt. Produced by Andrew Harrison. Audio production is by Elsie Bath. Recorded by Tom Bullen at Air Edel Studios, London. Remainiacs is a Podmasters production.

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