110: STOP THE CLOCKS: The delay is away, plus Future Politics with Jamie Susskind

As Theresa May bows to the inevitable and asks for a short delay to Brexit, we ask what it’ll mean when a merciful EU insists on rather a longer one. Do the hard Brexit headbangers have what it takes to bring her down or are the ERG now fatally split? Were the Lab-Con talks just about optics? What is “perfidious Albion” anyway? And when a Hansard survey says a great many Britons would be happy with a “strongman who breaks the rules”, do we really have to worry about Britain falling into the hands of our own Orbán, Bolsanaro or Trump? 

Our special guest this week is barrister and writer JAMIE SUSSKIND, author of the fascinating exploration of the digitally-dominated society we’ll all be living in. Listen and find out why, in the age of Big Data and AI, Brexit is the last thing you need to worry about. Hey, you didn’t come to this show to be cheered up now, did you? 

Presented by Ros Taylor with Nina Schick and Ian Dunt. Produced by Andrew Harrison. Audio production is by Sophie Black. Remainiacs is a Podmasters production. 

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