107: EMERGENCY PODCAST: Groundhog May as the Deal dies (again)

As MV3 turns out to be DOA we hotfoot it into febrile Soho to read the steaming entrails of the May Deal.

What happens next? Does May have any blackmail left in her sack of off-brand tricks? What will happen at the EU Parent-Teacher meeting on April 10? Are we closer to Revoke or a People’s Vote? Michael Gove’s performative jogging, the political significance of Y-fronts, and the Magic 8 Ball that is a possible General Election. And how could Theresa May’s psychology finally scupper us?

Naomi Smith has gin. Dorian Lynskey has Lem-Sip. Alex Andreou has the healthy glow of a man who’s been in Mykonos since February. Come on in, the recriminations are fine. 


Thanks to Will Fitzpatrick and the Soho Radio crew for sorting out the studio at short notice.  

Photoshop: Stuart Harrison


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