#2: Relatable // Series 1 - Getting Over Yourself With Linda Pransky

Episode no 2 is with the very wise and wonderful Linda Pransky.

Linda lives and runs a practice in Washington State and is married to Dr George Pransky - who wrote the Relationship handbook.

Linda has been a teacher and mentor of The Three Principles Understanding for over 40 years and knows a thing or two about relationships. Both she and George have been mentors of mine and between the two of them have worked with hundreds of couple, individuals and organisations.

Today we take a look at the power of Getting Over Yourself. The fact that people have a natural tendency to get over things because that os the true nature of our state of minds. We also discussed Goodwill what it is and why this is so helpful in our relationships.

You can find out more about Linda and the wonderful work she and her husband George are doing here: https://www.pranskyandassociates.com/

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