# 11: Relatable // Series 1: Mentored By Mind - Exploring Our Spiritual Nature

In this weeks episode of Relatable, I have the delightful Elsie Spittle as my guest. Elsie embodies so much of what it means to rest in the truth of our spiritual nature, she shares so many gold nuggets for us all around what is available when we allow ourselves to be mentored by the intelligence behind life, to allow ourselves to have trust and faith in something bigger than ourselves.

The tuning in and understanding of our spiritual nature plays a huge role in our levels of wellbeing, fulfillment, peace, calm, joy, compassion.,(I could go on and on). Which is wonderful for our relationships and our ability to do them well.

This episode is a little longer than most, but I guarantee you will love everything Elsie shares with us. So grab yourself a cuppa sit back and enjoy this very special episode of Relatable