# 8: Relatable // Series 1 - Addicted To Being Right?

In todays episode I am running solo and dealing with something that I myself have struggled with in the past.

Being Right!

Wanting and needing to be right is a huge issue in relationships. It destroys goodwill, connection and trust and is something so many people come to me for help around.

In this episode I look at why being addicted to being right, is a logical tendency for so many people, based upon our social conditioning.

How we have learnt that in order to avoid pain, we had to get 'it right' at all costs.

That learning from our mistakes, is not necessarily true and how we can let that myth go.

That there is something else, a natural asset we all have, that we have never been taught to value and how now is the time to look in that direction and set your 'being right' addiction free.

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