# 5: Relatable // Series 1 - No One Can Put A Feeling In You

Episode no 5 is with a wonderful mentee of Nicole Montgomerie.

Nicole is the Director Of learning at Saint Barbara's Parish School in Roxby Downs South Australia.

Nicole is an incredible teacher, mum of two gorgeous children and a very wise human being who completed my 12 month mentee program in early 2019 and is doing some wonderful things at her school teaching this understanding to both her pupils and parents alike.

In todays episode we explore what she has seen for herself both in her personal relationships and her professional ones since she first came across this understanding at a three day event I ran, back in early 2018.

I love Nicole's insights and I know you will get a lot of value from them too. If you want to find out more about Nicole and the incredible work she is doing with her students, parents and her community, please email me at hello@fionalukeis.com.au

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