Episode 128 - White House Farm Revisited: The Contested Evidence

Jeremy Bamber is currently 35 years into of a whole of life sentence for murdering 5 members of his own family.

To this day he claims to be innocent, and on 6 December 2019 Bamber launched a high court challenge to the Crown Prosecution accusing them of failing to disclose material evidence that undermines the safety of his 1986 conviction.

He wants to build a challenge by contesting key pieces of evidence, so in this episode we are revisiting White House Farm to look into his claims.

A massive thank you to ITV for sharing the masses of evidence that they have gathered in the development of their upcoming 6 part drama on this tragic case - it starts Wednesday 8th Jan 2020, on ITV at 9pm.

Check it out, they know what they are doing.


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