Episode 121 - Jeni Haynes: The Woman With Over 2000 Personalities

In February 2019 in The District Court of New South Wales a woman named Jeni Haynes entered the witness box - but she wasn't alone. 6 different personalities spoke that day through Jeni's body; in a landmark case that saw a person with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly referred to as Multiple Personality Disorder) testify in her many alters, and secure a conviction.

This week the ladies cover this truly inspirational story.

Jeni's DID came from the abuse that she had suffered as a child at the hands of her father, Jeni's mind split into over 2000 “self-states” or personalities. These alters were there to protect Jeni - and to this day she is adamant that her DID saved her soul.

Join Suruthi and Hannah as they delve into her astonishing condition, the tragic impact it’s all had on her life and also her brave pursuit of justice.

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