Bonus - Kate Webster: The Real Life Sweeney Todd

Thanks to ‘NOW’, and the new show ‘The Nevers’, we’re taking all you spooky bitches on a trip to Victorian London for an extra special bonus episode. And it’s a wild fact, today’s episode resulted in one of the most sensational trials of the time - so big, that the future King of Sweden made the trip all the way to The Old Bailey just to watch!

In January 1879 Mrs Julia Martha Thomas hired Kate Webster, a petty criminal, to be her live-in maid. A month later Mrs Thomas’s neighbours would complain of a foul stench coming from the woman’s home. Things only became weirder when Kate was seen wearing her boss’s clothes and allegedly selling jars of ‘Best Dripping’ to pub landlords…

Was Kate Webster the real-life Sweeney Todd?

Strap yourself in for theft, murder, an interesting stew, and even a cameo from the great Sir David Attenborough.

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