Bonus: 2020 Patreon Upcycle - When Your Child Displays Psychopathic Traits...

We wanted to celebrate and share some of our top picks from our 2020 Patreon releases, so here is possibly our most requested episode from the $10+ Patreon archives!

In this bonus episode we released last summer, we talked with long time Spooky Bitches, Cassie and Mike as they told us about the challenges and difficulties that their family have faced in the midst of their son Arthur’s serious behavioural issues. Issues including: violence against others, animal abuse, a lack of remorse and callous unemotional traits. They share the major incidents that occurred, how Arthur is now being treated clinically and what they think the future holds for the 14 year old.

Cassie and Mike reached out to us wanting to open up about this difficult topic to try and help anyone else who may be going through something similar, and also to give families like them a voice - we were honoured that they trusted us and we know that it will be received without judgement.

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