ReConsidering Russia: The Complex History of Russia

Mark Schauss is the host of Russian Rulers History and Battle Ground History. Known for being heavily well-versed with the history of Russia, Mark Schauss joins us in today’s episode to talk about the Russian history in its most authentic form. Mark shares everything from Russia’s first invasion to how all these historic events reflect on how Russia moves socio-politically in today’s world.  

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Topics Covered 
  • What made mark start his podcast and how it’s currently going. 
  • The history of the first invasion and the second invasion of Russia. 
  • The geography of Russia and why it’s easy to invade Russia but why it’s difficult to stay. 
  • How Russia was able to balance European powers and how they were able to to set up alliances to protect their borders. 
  • Mark shares all about the Napolean and Crimean war.
  • The casualties of the Russian Civil War. 
  • The transition period between 1917 to the World War 2. 
  • How Russia came back from the 2nd World War as a superpower country. 

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