Meta-Trans: Gender, Ethnicity/Race, and Transitioning between Them

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This is probably going to get me a lot of flak but I realized that I’d be shying away from a commitment to challenge how we think about stuff if I didn’t talk about this out of fear.


  1. I actually have a very underdeveloped political position on transgenderism and generally just stay out of it, the way I do about abortiton (but for different reasons--with abortion I am just morally conflicted), and I tend to default to, “you do you” and thus away from restrictions on what people can do with their gender
  2. I have a number of delightful friends who are trans and my emotional position is that I feel very supportive and loving of them and their transition seems to “make sense” to my gut in some deep way that being transracial doesn’t really seem to make quite so much sense… but I couldn’t explain to a martian why I think this.
  3. The way we argue about trans stuff is totally unproductive and drives me batty

Confession: I cannot for the life of me understand why being transgender is totally a real thing that is 100% cool and being transracial or transethnic is totally not a real thing and is 0% cool. 

I have honestly put years of thought into this and talked with a ton of people about it (both people who feel like they have a good answer to the difference and those that don’t) and I have gotten NOWHERE.

But I want to do better than just throwing up my hands, I want to provide my own framework of thought here.

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