Iran's Role in the Middle East in Context, with Iftah Burman

Iftah Burman, founder of the Middle East Learning Academy, joins us to go over Iran’s broader role in the Middle East, particularly its operations outside of its own borders: what are its goals, what is the impact, and is Iran succeeding?

Itfah is a Middle East scholar that regularly briefs diplomats, foreign officials, academics, and different levels of young professionals. He also acts as the director of foreign senior-level mission to Israel of US government officials, US military officers, and different think-tank researchers. He’s also deeply involved with education, and regularly gives lectures to students and tour groups seeking broader context and understanding of the complexities in the region. He’s currently working on his PhD, with a dissertation focused on Hezbollah and Syria, but also studies and briefs experts on the Arab-Israeli conflict and Iranian-Western relations. Clearly, a relevant topic right now.


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