What is the metaverse, when is it going to show up and who’s going to run it?

People have been talking about the metaverse for years. But they’re talking about it much more these days, spurred by Mark Zuckerberg’s full-fledged embrace of the… actually, what exactly is the metaverse again, anyways?
Investor, analyst and metaverse explainer Matthew Ball, who’s already tried explaining this stuff to Recode’s Peter Kafka, has written a whole book about it, so he’s back again: Ball talks about what he thinks the metaverse is really going to be, what it’s not going to be, how long it might take to get here and why you may or may not care about it.

Featuring: Matthew Ball (@ballmatthew), Investor, Analyst, and Author
Host: Peter Kafka (@pkafka), Senior Editor at Recode
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