Have we hit peak streaming? + NYT’s Kevin Roose on his new book “Futureproof”

Paramount Plus and Discovery Plus are the latest, and perhaps the last big streaming services to launch in a very crowded market. Recode’s Peter Kafka asks The Verge’s Julia Alexander to assess the new entrants and the overall state of the Streaming Wars. Then, New York Times tech columnist Kevin Roose talks about his latest book, Futureproof: Nine Rules For Humans In The Age of Automation. It’s a guide to thriving - or at least surviving - in a fast-approaching future where technology will displace many careers, while also creating new ones.

Featuring: Julia Alexander (@loudmouthjulia), reporter at The Verge
Kevin Roose (@kevinroose), New York Times tech columnist and author
Host: Peter Kafka (@pkafka), Senior Editor at Recode
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