What will the South look like in four years?

On the eve of the election, the Reckon Interview sits down with five people from around the South to discuss three simple questions:

  • What's one thing you hope happens next year?
  • What's something you hope never happens again?
  • What do you think the South will look like in four years?

No matter who wins Tuesday, it will be people like you shaping the future of the South.

Show Notes

3:27 Whitney Miller-Nichols | Educator

8:44 Courtney Campbell | Social Worker

17:03 Devon Frazier | Founder, Non-profit

23:32 Darius Williams | Cybersecurity

25:28 Kyle Buchanan | Hospital President

32:54 We want to hear from you. Tweet us your thoughts at @JohnHammontree and @RLNave


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