The South vs. the Establishment: Jaime Harrison discusses South Carolina senate race

There’s more to this discussion than partisan politics of course but in poll after poll… we’re starting to see some of the country's most inelastic states look a little more like swing states. And we’re starting to see a few cracks in the establishment on the right and the left. Jaime Harrison, the Democratic candidate in a statistical tie with Sen. Lindsey Graham in South Carolina, joins the Reckon Interview to discuss why the Democratic establishment should embrace the South. Dana Hall McCain, a conservative columnist in Alabama, joins the second half of the show to discuss how to stay true to your values, even when it seems like your party’s establishment has cast them aside. 

Show Notes

2:27 Jaime Harrison | Democratic candidate for senate, South Carolina | @harrisonjaime

2:49 Life growing up in the South

5:41 National Democrats and the South

8:01 Running as a Democrat in South Carolina

10:18 How national issues play in the South

13:46 Running as a Black man in the South

16:21 Winning back former Democrats

19:21 Relationship with Doug Jones and other Democrats

22:48 Building the bench

24:51 What winning would mean for South Carolina

27:33 Dana Hall McCain | Columnist | @dhmccain

28:10 Changes in Republican establishment

30:32 Trump and the Courts

34:51 Evangelicals and Catholics

37:13 Conservative Evangelicals and Biden

38:25 Conservative Evangelicals and Trump

43:46 How Republicans have responded to Trump

49:03 Changes in the Southern Baptist Convention

53:12 Great Commission Baptists


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