The Fight for the Vote: How to Make Sure Your Voice is Heard During a Pandemic

What does the fight for voting rights look like five decades after the Civil Rights Movement? Are states prepared to handle elections during a pandemic? To kick off Reckon Interview Season 3, John Hammontree and R.L. Nave speak with Prof. Carol Anderson and ProPublica's Jessica Huseman for a comprehensive look at the state of voting in 2020.

Show Notes

5:00 Professor Carol Anderson @ProfCAnderson

5:29 What happened after the Voting Rights Act of 1965 passed?

9:53 What does the VRA do?

12:13 How Shelby v. Holder changed everything

19:11 Jim Crow 2.0

22:30 Voter ID Laws

24:53 Voting in a Pandemic

27:34 One Person, No Vote

28:29 Jessica Huseman @JessicaHuseman

29:05 How we screwed up election oversight

33:44 Voter fraud vs. voter suppression

39:18 How reliable are our voting machines?

42:01 Why voting online is a bad idea

44:51 Are elections safe from interference?

47:20 How to make sure your vote counts


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