The "Doug Jones Effect"

Doug Jones was never expected to be Alabama's senator. His unexpected victory in 2017 may have set off a chain reaction in the Deep South. Suddenly national money poured into races in states like Mississippi, Georgia and South Carolina. And longtime power brokers in the Alabama Democratic Party found themselves on the ropes. Political consultant David Mowery explains how Jones' election changed what we thought we knew about Southern politics. And Rep. Chris England describes the turnaround of the Alabama Democratic Party.

Episode 10

2:19 David Mowery | | @TheChairmanMow

2:30 The ‘Red Wall’

5:46 Doug Jones vs. Tommy Tuberville

7:45 A purple Alabama?

12:22 Impact of Covid-19 on campaigns

16:18 Future hurdles for the Alabama Republican Party

18:51 Getting distracted by outside events

20:43 Effects of Redistricting

24:31 Who the heck is persuadable?

26:36 Rep. Chris England (D-AL) | Chair of AL Democratic Party | @RepEngland70

28:05 The Doug Jones Effect

30:53 The takeover of the Democratic Party

37:56 What England does if Jones loses

39:40 Re-uniting a fractured party | Response to Reply All

45:02 Impact of SCOTUS vacancy

51:12 All politics is local


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