How the South created modern politics + what's in play in 2020?

If you examine how the modern Democratic Party built a new coalition with black voters after the Civil Rights movement and how the modern Republican Party transformed its party in response, you begin to see how the identities of both national parties have their roots in the South. On this week's episode of the Reckon Interview, Angie Maxwell, a professor at the University of Arkansas, explains how the South shaped national politics. And the Washington Post's Dave Weigel, creator of The Trailer, outlines where the two parties are strategically using their resources in 2020 and explains how listeners should watch the next three months of elections.
Show Notes
2:28 Dr. Angie Maxwell @AngieMaxwell1
2:48 The Short Southern Strategy
4:53 The Long Southern Strategy
8:59 The difference in Southern voters
12:51 Pouring gasoline on tensions
16:47 What voters can do to make better parties
22:44 What to do if you’re sick of both parties
25:53 Dave Weigel @DaveWeigel
The Trailer:
26:24 What is in play in the South?
28:37 Can Doug Jones win?
30:49 What about Texas?
34:10 The complications of Georgia
38:48 How to watch the next few months of the election
43:00 Next week on the Reckon Interview

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