Anne Roderique-Jones examines a shocking story from her childhood in the Ozarks

On June 7, 1992 Stacy McCall, Suzie Streeter and Sherrill Levitt went to bed in a small town in the Ozarks. By the next morning, they had vanished without a trace. 30 years later, the mystery remains unsolved. Anne Roderique-Jones is creator and host of "The Springfield Three," a popular podcast examining the case of the disappearance of those three women and how it affected the community as a whole. Anne grew up in Springfield, Missouri, and was just 12 years old when these disappearances rocked her small town. She discusses what led her to revisit the story, the perils of getting too invested in solving a case, what she learned in the process, areas where the case went wrong, why we are all so obsessed with stories like these.
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