The Kernal's musical journey started with a red polyester suit

After his father died, Joe Garner found an old suit of his in the attic. His dad, Charlie had played bass at the Grand Ole Opry for decades and when Joe found the suit… he was struck with inspiration. He hadn’t grown up wanting to play country music but when he picked up the suit, he knew there was unfinished business with his dad and that maybe he could figure it out through music.
And thus, The Kernal was born. On his albums, he plays with conventions and standards and updates them with modern themes, like break up ballads that involve scrolling through Instagram. 
Listen to the Blood is the third album in a trilogy written in response to his father’s passing. This week, on the Reckon Interview, we discuss that journey, which has carried him from a small town in East Tennessee all over the country. We chat about where he finds his inspiration. And we talk about whether this is the end of that red polyester suit.

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