Taking the plunge: the open water swimming boom

Long-time listeners to the pod will know that Ed never ever talks about his swimming hobby, but the RTBC team have decided to indulge him - just this once, mind - and dedicate a *whole episode* to the boom in outdoor swimming. Whether you’re a seasoned wild swimmer, a winter dipper or a lido goer, there’s a huge number of reasons why you might like to step outside the indoor confines of your local swimming baths. We speak to Kate Rew and journalist - and former Hampstead Ponds lifeguard - Nell Frizzell about why they find outdoor swimming exhilarating, as well as how to avoid swimming in s**t. And Professor Mike Tipton is back to give us a health warning and plenty of advice on how to swim safely.

Plus: How should Geoff navigate the annual rotting gourd display?


Kate Rew, Founder, Outdoor Swimming Society and author of the Outdoor Swimmers’ Handbook (@kate_rew)

Professor Mike Tipton, Professor of Human and Applied Physiology, University of Portsmouth (@ProfMikeTipton)

Nell Frizzell, Journalist and Author of The Panic Years, Square One and Holding the Baby (@NellFrizzell)

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