Pain and prejudice

Hello! Why is it that women live longer, but spend more of their lives in poor health? We explore why women’s pain is often dismissed and why it can take many years to receive a diagnosis with Dr Larisa Corda. We then delve deep into the history of medical misogyny with Dr Elinor Cleghorn and finally we find some reasons to be cheerful with the creator of podcast series 28-ish days later, India Rakusen.

Plus: We’re joined by TV royalty! Maracas at the ready- Dan McGrath, composer of the Strictly Come Dancing theme music, joins us to talk about how you can create a winning theme for the RTBC refresh.

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Dr Larisa Corda, obstetrician and gynaecologist, fertility expert on This Morning and women’s health activist  (@drlarisacorda)

Dr Elinor Cleghorn, feminist cultural historian and author of Unwell Women: A journey through medicine and myth in a man-made world (@elinorcleghorn)

India Rakusen, journalist, documentary producer and presenter (@IndiaRakusen)

Dan McGrath, music producer (@danthesoundman)

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