On common ground

Hello! Ed is absent due to the period of national mourning, so Geoff takes the reins with a conversation recorded before last week's news. We talk to three inspiring guests about the commons. But what are the commons, how do they reduce inequality and why can we be optimistic about them today? We speak to Guy Standing, Professorial Research Associate at SOAS and author of the Blue Commons about how reviving the commons is a key component of progressive politics and could reduce social insecurity. We then look at the commons in action with Jenny Barlow, Estate Manger of the Tarras Valley Nature Reserve, who tells us about how a community buy-out in Scotland will lead to large-scale nature restoration and bring economic opportunities to the community. Finally, Abigail Woodman, Chair of the East London Waterworks Park talks to us about reviving former common land by creating free wild swimming pools for all, and why this has made her feel more hopeful for the future.


Guy Standing, Professorial Research Associate, SOAS (@SOAS)

Jenny Barlow, Estate Manager, Tarras Valley Nature Reserve (@TarrasValleyNR) (@LangholmOnline)

Abi Woodman, Chair, East London Waterworks Park (@ELWaterworks)

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