Nothing about us without us

Hello! This week we're talking about disability activism: its past, present and future. Disabled people are routinely excluded from society, despite making up 15% of the population. How has disability activism shifted people's attitudes and perceptions? And how can we transform our society so it's fairer for everyone? To find out we speak to disability justice activist Anna Landre about why it's not possible to legislate prejudice out of existence, we also talk to Christoph Keller about his new memoir and to Ruth Malkin about the People's History Museum's new exhibition celebrating the history of disability activism.

Transcripts of all the interviews are available on our website.


Anna Landre, Disability Justice Activist and Research Fellow, UCL (@annalandre)

Christoph Keller, Novelist, editor and playwright. Author of ‘Every Cripple a Superhero’ 

Ruth Malkin, Community Co-Curator, People's History Museum (@PHMMcr)

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