Live at the RSC Part 1: the fight for better climate education in our schools

Hello! This week we're coming at you from Stratford-upon-Avon with the first part of our conversation from the Live at the RSC Festival. We're talking about the current state of climate education and why there's a long way to go until we're hitting top marks. Thankfully, our three guests are here to keep us cheerful and tell us about the campaigning and work they've been doing to make a new climate curriculum a reality. We hear from Scarlett Westbrook who wrote a parliamentary bill while she was still at school, from Elena Lengthorn who's on a quest to make sure teachers are equipped to educate the next generation about the climate crisis, and from Mary Colwell, who recently won a decade-long battle to get a new Natural History GCSE in schools.

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This conversation was recorded at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre as part of the Live at the RSC Festival on June 3rd.


Scarlett Westbrook - Climate activist and writer of the Climate Education Bill (@ScarlettOWest)

Elena Lengthorn - Senior Lecturer of Teacher Education, Worcester University (@ELengthorn)

Mary Colwell - Writer, founder of Curlew Action and leader of the campaign for a Natural History GCSE (@curlewcalls)

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