How to create meaningful change with Gina Martin and Ben Hurst

In 2019 Gina Martin - a self-confessed ‘political novice’ - led a successful campaign that resulted in a law change to make upskirting illegal. Since then her activism on gender equality has continued apace but changing legislation is no longer her aim. Why? We find out as we speak to her and activist Ben Hurst, head facilitator at Beyond Equality, who works with young men and boys to engage in conversations about what being a man means today. 

Plus: We’re gongoozling with the Queen of Dictionary Corner, Susie Dent.


Gina Martin, gender equality campaigner, speaker and writer (@ginamartin)

Ben Hurst, activist and educator and Head of Facilitation at Beyond Equality (@therealbenhurst)

Susie Dent, lexicographer (@susie_dent)  

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