How do we fix our broken economy?

Hello! This week Ed and Geoff are on location to chat with two big brains who have been part of two important commissions about the state of the UK economy. What are the deep roots of the economic crisis facing our country? And what's the solution? 

The UK is suffering from a 'toxic combination' of high inequality and stagnating growth. We look at some of the long-term issues that mean the cost of living crisis is hitting Britain particularly hard, why we need a new economic strategy and what it would involve. And what does Geoff's hairdresser have to do with it all?


Carys Roberts, Executive Director, IPPR (@carysroberts) (@IPPR)

Torsten Bell, CEO, Resolution Foundation (@TorstenBell) (@resfoundation)

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Read the final report (2018) from IPPR's Commission on Economic Justice

Read 'Stagnation Nation' (2022) the interim report from the Economy 2030 Inquiry

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