Home sweet (social) home

Hello! After the Second World War, council housing was an important part of the government’s ambitious vision for the welfare state. Over the past 50 years, with a growing emphasis on home ownership, the amount of council housing and its condition has diminished. Where does that leave the state of social housing now? Geoff finds out with architect Peter Barber, who also explains some of the design principles underpinning his award-winning social housing project. We find some reasons to be cheerful with former deputy mayor of Vienna Maria Vassilakou, who tells us how the city has cracked the social housing code. Finally, Martyn Holmes discusses how collaborative or community-led housing could be one solution to the housing crisis.

Plus: Ed has reached new heights of fame as one board game recognises his achievements. Can you guess what it is yet?


Peter Barber, Director, Peter Barber Architects (@pPeterpeter) (@peterbarber12)

Maria Vassilakou, Former Deputy Mayor of Vienna (Contact Maria through her website: Vienna Solutions)

Martyn Holmes, Founding Member, Bunker Housing Co-operative (@BunkerCoop)

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