Episode 10. DON'T MOURN, ORGANISE: The power of community organising

Hello! With Geoff in Chicago, the birthplace of modern community organising, we thought it’d be a great opportunity to discuss the transformative power of community organising and why it’s a Reason To Be Cheerful. We are joined by veteran community organiser Jerry Kellman, who gave a 24 year old Barack Obama his first job as an organiser in Chicago in 1985. We also speak to Dan Firth from We Can Win about the transformative power of community organising in the U.K.

Geoff talks grilled cheese and Thanksgiving with the inlaws and Ed discusses parental leave and feminist foreign policy in Sweden.


We’re also joined by US comedian Emily Galati who pitches her ideas.



More on Jerry and Barack: https://mobile.nytimes.com/2010/10/17/us/17cncwarren.html

Want to be a community organiser? Contact We Can Win: http://www.wecanwin.co.uk

Swedish Feminist Foreign policy: http://www.government.se/information-material/2017/10/swedens-feminist-foreign-policy--examples-from-three-years-of-implementation/



https://twitter.com/danfirth1 https://twitter.com/emilygalati


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