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Hello! This week we’re back to school and learning all about character education. But what is it and why is it relevant beyond the classroom too? One of the leading authorities on the topic (the Jubilee Centre) defines character education as all explicit and implicit educational activities that help young people to develop positive personal strengths or ‘virtues’. We explore what ‘good character’ means, the impact of adverse life experiences, and whether character is the key to a fairer and more compassionate society.

We speak to Bec Tigue, Head of School at the University of Birmingham School; Alex Hanratty, co-founder of ReconnectEd; and author and podcaster Bruce Daisley, who questions our typical understanding of resilience.

Plus: Has Ed finally outfoxed the fox?

Our guests

Bec Tigue, Head of School, University of Birmingham School (@UoBSCharacter)(@JubileeCentre1)

Alex Hanratty, Co-founder, ReconnectEd (@ReconnectEduc)

Bruce Daisley, Author and podcaster (@brucedaisley)

The Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues

Learn more about the Jubilee Centre’s Framework for Character Education in Schools

Alex’s social enterprise ReconnectEd, helping young people at risk of exclusion

Timpson Review of School Exclusion (2019)

Buy Bruce’s book Fortitude: Unlocking the Secrets of Inner Strength 

Find out more about Bruce’s work at his website Eat Sleep Work Repeat

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