Episode 6. MAKING A HASH OF IT: Time to decriminalise and end the war on drugs?

Hello! Episode 6 is on drugs. Legally? Illegally? Is the war on drugs ever going to end? Niamh Eastwood, Executive Director at Release and Sam Kamin, Professor of Marijuana Law at the University of Denver join us to talk about the merits and pitfalls of decriminalisation. Ed and Geoff talk Cheesecake, Halloween fun and Your Sinclair magazine  


Comedian Ayesha Hazarika thinks the world would be better if we double our dishwashers, provide karaoke-for-all and have less choice.   


Release report on decriminalisation (with some helpful infographics)

Portugal's model for decriminalisation 

Home Report comparing different countries approaches to drugs 

Home Office evaluation on the 2010 Strategy (check out Chapter 5)

Release’s events   


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