Beyond the nepo baby: the deep drivers of social mobility

Hello! Nepo-babies are a new-fangled term but the issue of social mobility goes much deeper…in this episode Ed and Geoff explore why the same kind of people often seem to make it to the top. Why does your starting point in life still strongly determine where you’ll end up? We find out why it matters and if there’s anything we can do to change it. We’re speaking to social mobility tsar Alan Milburn, social entrepreneur Joe Seddon who helps state school pupils get into top Universities and to comedian Josie Long about how to open up the creative industries to more people.

Plus: Can Geoff persuade Ed to woo Justine with a ChatGPT Valentine's poem?


Alan Milburn, Chair, Social Mobility Foundation (@alanmilburn1958 & @SocialMobilityF

Joe Seddon, Founder & CEO, Zero Gravity (@whatjoedid & @zerogravity)

Josie Long, Comedian & Co-Founder, Arts Emergency (@JosieLong & @artsemergency)

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