Back to nature: how can farming be sustainable?

Hello! This week we’re getting our wellies on as we dig deeper into the future of farming. Agriculture accounts for around 10% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions and has a role in biodiversity loss and pollution. So how can we change the way we farm and use our land in a way that helps ensure food security, restores nature and provides a livelihood for farmers, all while tackling the climate crisis? It's quite a task but we chew it all over with Lydia Collas from Green Alliance and Minette Batters from the National Farmers’ Union. We’re then heading to Dorset to talk to Jyoti Fernandes about the role of ‘agro-ecology’ to feed ourselves, restore nature, and cool the planet.

Plus: Which unexpected (and highly relevant) radio show was Ed obsessed with as a child?


Lydia Collas, Policy Analyst, Green Alliance (@LydiaCollas / @GreenAllianceUK)

Minette Batters, President, National Farmers' Union (@Minette_Batters / @NFUtweets)

Jyoti Fernandes, Campaigns and Policy Coordinator, Landworkers’ Alliance & Agroecology Smallholder (@fernandes_jyoti @LandworkersUK)

More information

Visit the websites of Green Alliancethe NFU and LWA

Read Jyoti's open letter to George Monbiot

Elms: England greener farming payments detail unveiled (Article, BBC News, January 2023)

What is agroecology? (Explainer, The Soil Association)

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