94. A QUESTION OF SPORT: the fight for gender equality

Hello! The Women’s World Cup may have captivated the nation, but we are a long way away from gender equality in sport. From media coverage to pay to participation, there is still a large gender gap.The US has just become the first country ever to win the World Cup four times. Does 'Title IX', a US law passed in the 1970s, offer lessons in how to address gender inequality in sport? We talk to Baroness Sue Campbell about her plans for the game in the UK, Kristine Newhall explains the impact of Title IX and then Katee Hui and Kate Nicholson discuss how to tackle the on-going barriers for women in sport.


Comedian Robin Morgan advocates for better male relationships on TV, an Ed Miliband version of Hamilton, a way to put people off hosting and attending "gender reveal parties" and everyone to get a signed brexit jumper


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