64. SHARING AND CARING: the case for paternity leave

Hello! This week we're talking Dads and the time off they have to look after their kids. Turns out more, properly paid paternity leave is better for kids, good for dads, and a very effective tool to close the gender pay gap. Unfortunately Britain lags behind.  We speak to Lars Arrhenius about how brilliant Sweden is and how it could be even better, Sam Smethers from the Fawcett Society about how Britain could do better and Sam White and Will McDonald, the UK’s most senior all-male job share (maybe...).


Comedian Sindhu Vee brings us a handful of "Ted Miliband" university anecdotes as well as teenager truth day, a ban on the Br*xit word, punishment for people failing to pick up their dog's poop, celebratory school run drinks party, double pay and only sunlight working hours in January

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