Episode 2. DON'T BE EVIL! Taming the High-Tech Giants

Hello! Ready for episode two of Reasons to be Cheerful? In this edition, we'll explore the dominance of the high-tech giants like Uber, Google, Amazon and Facebook, whether we should curb their power and how with our guest Nick Srnicek. We also discuss Nick the Flying Brick, Quiz Master Ed, and terrible dancing. AND Comedian Bec Hill brings us her ideas to make the world that little bit better. Beds, school discipline for those naughty MPs, harassment, and being muted by Elon Musk.  


This, written by Nick Srnicek,

in The GuardianOwn your social-media data

And this in the Financial Times

Oh... and Bec Hill & Jay Foreman's song about Elon Musk  


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