105. SWEET CHILD(CARE) OF MINE: investing in universal provision

Hello! Here’s an episode you’ve been asking us to do for a while: we’re talking about the case for universal childcare. Susanne Garvis explains what we can learn from the childcare utopia of Sweden, where she spends more on pre-school for her puppy than her daughter. Then childcare experts Claire Harding and Jerome de Henau discuss problems with the UK system & how we could achieve universal provision. With benefits from parental employment to child development, it’s a no-brainer…


Writer Stella Duffy is here to talk about Fun Palaces! First dreamt up in the 1960s, Stella and her team have made the vision of culture for all, and by all, a reality. Turns out it’s not too late to set up your own for the Fun Palaces weekend coming up in October.

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