Dr Dan Brown: redefining our approach to mental health treatment

A one of a kind conversation with world renown psychologist Dr Dan Brown who takes us through arguably the most important and applicable learning in modern mental health: the science of attachment. Attachment seems to be one of (if not the) biggest factor involved in determining the symptomology of someone experiencing distressing emotional issues like anxiety, depression, dissociation, personality disorders and substance use issues. In this episode we talk about the critical factors affecting how we GIVE healthy attachment to others, and also how we GET or EARN it for ourselves (if we didn’t get it as a child). The ramifications of this affects every aspect of live: professionally, socially, romantically and beyond.

For the past 38 years Dr Daniel P Brown has been on the faculty of Harvard Medical School working in the field of Psychology. He has a dual expertise in Eastern meditation that’s seen him train and teach alongside top Tibetan Lama's for almost the last 50 years including lineage holders of some of the great schools in Buddhism. This has seen Dan teach the top investors in Silicon Valley and Founders of multi-billion dollar companies right through to start ups. He's read most of the psychotherapy outcomes research and updated the standard of care on nearly every psychiatric diagnosis. If this isn’t enough Dan has demonstrated the skills he teaches in serving as an expert witness in over 200 child abuse cases and served as an expert witness for prosecutors at the International War Crimes Tribunal and authoring over 24 books including multiple books he’s translated from Sanskrit and Tibetan which he’s also fluent in.


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