Kirsten Johnson | Director of Dick Johnson is Dead and Cameraperson

In this episode, June is joined by Kirsten Johnson, a long-time cinematographer and documentary filmmaker who received widespread critical acclaim for her two most recent movies as director Cameraperson (2016) and Dick Johnson Is Dead (2020). Through the lens of three films that consider what it means to document life, death and the world around us, Kirsten discusses a range of topics from the intensely political to the intensely personal. 

Welcome to The Doc Exchange: A Real Stories Podcast, where your favourite non-fiction filmmakers reveal the documentaries that have had a lasting impact on their lives and careers. 



Man With A Movie Camera (1929, Dziga Vertov) Watch on Docsville in the UK & MUBI in the US

This Is Not a Film (2011, Jafar Panahi) Rent via Prime Video in the UK & Watch on Kanopy in the US

No Home Movie (2015, Chantal Akerman) Rent via BFI Player in the UK & Watch on MUBI in the US

Cameraperson (2016, Kirsten Johnson) Rent via Prime Video, Google Play & iTunes in the UK & Watch on The Criterion Channel in the US

Dick Johnson Is Dead (2020, Kirsten Johnson) Watch on Netflix


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