Winter Olympic Special: The Science of Ice Hockey, Cross Country Skiing and Biathlon

What makes world-class ice hockey players, cross-country skiers or biathletes? We ask two experts to help explain the special set of skills needed to compete at the top level, the challenges athletes face and the training they do to compete. If you've never understood anything about the Winter Olympics here's your chance to take a deep dive into three of the most fascinating disciplines.

Guest Biographies:

Tommy Lundberg is a consultant to the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation along with his job as a lecturer and researcher at the Division of Clinical Physiology at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden. Follow him on Twitter @TLexercise

Kerry McGawley is a senior researcher and Associate Professor at Sweden's Winter Sports Research Centre. She is actively involved in performance development among Sweden's top winter sports athletes. Follow her on Twitter @KerryMcGawley

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