Why How We Select Young Sporting Talent Is Probably All Wrong

Around the world, the way that young talent is identified is often done without an understanding of how young athletes develop. We talk to Norwegian researcher in the field, Eirik Halvorsen Wik, PhD, from Cape Town's Institute of Sport and Exercise Medicine at Stellenbosch University, for a close look at the challenges faced by young sporting stars, why there may be a better way to make selections at youth level and how to ensure the best athletes are given the best chance at long term success. Wik has previously worked at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences and the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Centre.


A news story on the Ultra runner who took a car trip for 2.5 miles mid race

The paper in which coaches are revealed as not being all that good at spotting good running economy

Our guest Eirik Wik’s study on injuries in adolescent athletes

Another paper published by Dr Wik, describing different injuries with age in elite adolescent footballers: 

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