Fatigue Resistance And How To Improve It

In the second of our two-part special on fatigue we examine Fatigue Resistance or durability. Is it just a modern term for an old concept, what does it really mean and what sort of training helps build it.


Caught My Eye Segment

The Zwift study looking for remote research participations, as submitted by Gareth D 

England’s rugby coach proposes rule changes to help kicking success in women, in another illustration of the differences between the sexes

The third of Gareth’s submissions, looking at the helmet approved in Quarterbacks in the NFL 

The research study discussed on the show looking at whether rugby scrum caps can reduce concussion risk

Main Topic (Skip to 35:48)

Link to the Ed Maunder paper that describes the durability concept

Some examples of papers that assess durability (as a performance outcome) in elite cyclists:

The study we mention that looked at durability early: Mmid- and late season, and showed how durability increases with more polarised training

Lab study that shows how high intensity intermittent exercise affects power outputs with fatigue more than continuous exercise  

Finnish study showing that low and high intensity training improve endurance, at least in less well trained individuals

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